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Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases may receive greater awards for past and future losses than minor worker injuries. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case, where a knowledgeable Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can let you know what we think it may be worth. California’s workers’ compensation laws bar recipients from filing lawsuits against their employers in exchange for no-fault benefits. Once you accept a workers’ compensation settlement, you cannot bring a lawsuit against your boss for causing your injuries. You can, however, still file a third-party lawsuit against someone other than your employer.
Your attorney can make your case to the workers’ compensation judge or WCAB that the alleged conduct did not rise to the level of “serious and willful misconduct” or was not responsible for the injury. If you’ve been injured at work, you may have a lot of questions and don’t know where to turn. At Bentley & More, LLP – our workers’ compensation attorneys are top-notch and represent workers throughout Orange County.

Workers' compensation claims require that you receive initial treatment from designated physicians. However, our attorneys can direct you to a designated physician whom they trust to have your best interests in mind. This means that even if you are at least partially responsible for your injury, you may be eligible for compensation.
Once this form is filed, a mandatory settlement conference will be scheduled within 30 days. The judge or referee who presides over the conference has the authority to approve a settlement or issue a ruling and award. If the injury is an emergency, call or go to the emergency room immediately. Motor vehicle accidents – Workers who operate motor vehicles could be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Workers can also get hit or run over by motor vehicles, like dump trucks or other vehicles involved in construction. Fires and explosions – Workers who are exposed to flammable liquids and other materials capable of igniting are at risk of getting burned.
If a third party such as an equipment manufacturer or property owner contributed to your work injury, we can arrange for a personal injury lawyer to help you pursue a civil suit. Unfortunately, the state supreme court often decides not to hear workers' compensation appeals. However, if the claim is denied or the employer notifies the employee workers compensation california that it is rejecting liability for the injury, the one-year deadline will continue running. Whatever the terms of the settlement, it must be approved by a workers' compensation judge. One of the advantages of working with a lawyer is that he or she can review your situation to determine what a fair settlement would look like.

For California’s Injured WorkersSince 1974, our legal team has worked tirelessly to ensure that injured clients obtain the compensation they deserve. It is mandatory for every business in CA to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance in case of an accident at work. Workers Compensation is made to recover an employee’s financial losses during the time it takes to recover from their injuries. Workers' compensation claims are forfeited if you choose to sue your employer. However, if you believe your work injury resulted from negligence on the part of someone other than yourself and your employer, you may have grounds for a concurrent personal injury suit. Personal injury attorneys will refer you to specific physicians whom they trust.
This can include medical treatment, temporary disability payments, and direct payments to cover expenses associated with the injury. California Workers' Compensation laws are designed to protect both the employee and the employer in the event of an on-the-job injury. California workers' compensation laws provide guaranteed coverage to employees for medical care for their personal injury and, in many cases, provide guaranteed compensation during and after the recovery period as well. By seeking the services of our expert California workers' compensation lawyers, you will be able to justify your stand easily. The surest way to know whether you should pursue a claim beyond workers' compensation is to meet with a workers' compensation attorney. Bernhard Baltaxe is a certified specialist in workers' compensation claims, and Byron Smith has helped many injured workers to collect maximum benefits.

If you’ve been injured at work and you’re concerned as to what type of damages or what type of rating disability that you may be entitled to, feel free to give us a call. In addition to State Disability, even if your claim has been denied, you’re still entitled to medical treatment. If you have any questions regarding a claim that’s either been denied or accepted, feel free to give me a call. Waiting to get medical treatment is a huge mistake for a couple of reasons. First, your health will suffer if you don’t get treatment for your injuries.
Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for several reasons. Construction workers must traverse incomplete structures that do not contain the safety features that completed buildings have. Safety equipment malfunctions, crushing injuries, construction vehicle accidents, unpredictable accidents involving power tools, slips, trips, and falls are just some of the possible injuries construction workers face daily. Factories, refineries, fabrication centers, and assembly lines contain complex machinery that can inflict grievous injuries on operators.
We are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed. We will do everything to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries. Work accidents and on-the-job injuries are generally covered by California Workers' Compensation law. Steinberg Injury Lawyers will help you obtain the highest amount of compensation for your injuries. We will answer your questions, help you obtain the highest quality medical care, and thoroughly develop and document your case. Our mission is to win your case for the highest amount and in the fastest time possible.

Steve strives to maximize his clients’ benefits by understanding their particular goals and working to ensure that he and his clients are aligned. Leon has devoted his heart and soul to representing injured victims of work-related injuries. Barry Hinden is the founding attorney and senior partner at Hinden & Breslavsky. He has been practicing law since 1974 and is a seasoned trial attorney.
You have up to 30 days to notify your employer that you were hurt at work, but it is best not to wait. If you wait, it will take longer to receive benefits and it might make your employer or its workers' compensation insurance company suspicious that you are just trying to get money. If you do not notify your employer within 30 days of the injury, you may lose your right to benefits. The supplemental payment is made to workers whose permanent disability benefits are disproportionately low in comparison to their earnings losses. The application for the one-time payment must be submitted to the RTWSP within one year from when the voucher was sent to the injured worker. If the injured worker disagrees with the eligibility determination, the injured worker may appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board within twenty days.
If you have any questions as a result of the claim that’s either been denied or been accepted, feel free to give me a call. The earlier that you report the injury, the easier it will be for an attorney to show that the injury was caused at work and that the employer should be liable for the injury. If you have any questions as to whether or not your claims can be denied or reporting a claim, feel free to give us a call. Naming a third party as a defendant in a lawsuit may take assistance from a skilled workers’ compensation attorney in Los Angeles.

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