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At Great Hills Eye Care, our skilled team of optometrists are dedicated to ensuring you receive professional, compassionate, and convenient eye care. Our preventative approach strives to use all available technology and resources to keep your eyes healthy and happy. Our team of Ophthalmologists takes a personalized approach. We determine treatment on a case-by-case basis, depending on each patient’s specific needs and desires.
We used to go to high end boutique optometrists but the personal, friendly, comfortable experience started to be lost. Boutiques know this and start hounding you for their high end overly priced frames and services and we got tired of these boutiques not seeing the human that the patient is and visits felt impersonal and rushed. You walk in, after a temperature check and everyone starts talking to you and guiding you like they’ve know you for years. It’s comfortable, friendly, affordable for those who must be careful with budgets and you get the same high tech exam you would get other places with a very friendly Dr. Davis and her staff. They have a good selection of frames that is so diverse, I can’t imagine ANYONE not finding a frame that they will be proud to show off and they have had a thorough exam correcting their vision. I will be sending anyone who starts asking me where I got my glasses, and I know they will 😃, to Vision Source.

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Dell began performing LASIK laser vision correction. Since then, technological advances in laser eye surgery have delivered results that were never possible before. Using a precision excimer laser, we can very precisely modify the curvature of the surface of your eye during LASIK surgery to achieve superb visual results. In many cases, patients can see better than they could with glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is a kind of refractive eye surgery that can correct myopia (near-sighted), hyperopia , or astigmatism . The advanced excimer lasers we use in LASIK can reshape the cornea and treat microscopic imperfections to correct any of these three major types of vision problem.
At Davis Vision, we believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated, which is why we support eye care professionals who put their patients first. We love tech and only use the latest and greatest for mapping your eyes using advanced topography and tomography equipment and the fastest femtosecond lasers in our closed HEPA surgery suite. All these advances mean that around 90% of the patients we see are good candidates for LASIK. If you've been told that you couldn't have LASIK in the past, you may be a candidate now. We offer a wide range of services including comprehensive exams, free LASIK candidate assessments, frames, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and more.

"Friendliest office staff and doctors anywhere. If you work downtown, there's no place better to go." On average, the highly skilled specialists at Austin Retina complete over three thousand sight saving treatments each month. Under OUR DOCTORS you can learn about the expertise and personal careers of our top-tier eye doctors. Our Eye doctors are among the most highly trained and deeply experienced in the world, and we are always on the cutting edge of the latest developments in ophthalmic equipment and treatment methods. Astigmatism causes both close and far objects to appear somewhat blurry or distorted, and it may also cause eye strain or headaches.
If you are interested in meeting with us, contact our practice today. Dell Laser Consultants was founded to provide state-of-the-art laser eye surgical center in a kind and compassionate manner. At our Austin surgical center many of our patients come to us in referral from other eye doctors, while many others are referred by friends and family. Our mission is to treat you exactly as we would treat a member of our own family. To learn more about our areas of specialization and to get even more in-depth information, be sure to visit the other pages on this website.
OVER-ACCOMPLISHED, NOT OVERPRICED We think that everyone should have access to the best technology at a fair price and in a modern environment. Whether you are interested in LASIK/PRK, ICL, or CATARACT surgery, you can feel confident that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. We also offer guaranteed financing, if that’s more your style. Very efficient and friendly – got the impression that this was the way they operate all of the time. You’ll love our large selection of eyeglass frames and prescription sunglasses.

We have allowed for ample time in our schedules to complete screenings on each visitor. Eye Physicians of Austin has been proactive in preparing for, and continuing to adapt to, the rapidly changing situation surrounding COVID-19. We continue to implement best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 optometrist in austin including precautionary cleaning and sanitizing, screening staff and patients, and wearing proper personal protective equipment. "Dr. Irshad is my hero. I have the monofocal lenses. Distance in one eye. Reading in the other. And love not wearing glasses. Highly recommend the Eye Clinic of Austin."
From glasses to contact lenses we carry everything you need to see and look great. Therefore, if you have a relative with keratoconus, it is critical to visit your eye doctor for regular comprehensive eye exams. People who have suffered a serious eye injury are also at an increased risk of keratoconus. It is my pleasure to provide the Austin area with vision services. I focus on customer service and ensuring everyone leaves my clinic feeling like family. A new pair of glasses can be a great way to express your personality and see the world more clearly while complementing your unique features and personal style.

Wilson was born and raised in Houston, TX. He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Physiology and Neuroscience with a minor in Music from University of California, San Diego. In an effort to ensure the health of our patients and staff, Southwest Vision has implemented new procedures and treatment options. Vision Care Services - Dr. Marshall will provide you with an enthusiastic and thorough examination in which you will receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle.
We encourage you to call your eye care professional to confirm they are open before you seek care. Dr. Wang’s areas of interests include primary eye care, treating glaucoma, and managing diabetic eye disease. Glaucoma screening should be part of your regular eye exams.
From basic eye examinations to complex vision correction procedures, we take great pride in the quality of care we provide. Our optometrists at Eye Pieces Plano help patients from all over Plano, Texas with eye exams to eye disease diagnosis and treatment. Members have access to the Qualsight network of LASIK eye care professionals. Depending on benefit coverage, a LASIK discount or allowance may be included. LASIK surgery has been FDA approved since 1995 and is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In most cases, LASIK is performed on both eyes, and completed within minutes.

He also directed me to an eye surgeon that could correct my strabismus. Contact usCall today to request an appointment or ask a question. Schedule onlineSkip the line and request and appointment online today.

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