Lalique Encre Noire A L'extreme Eau De Parfum

I wrote a longer review but accidentally killed it by refreshing the page. It's the wearable version of L'Extreme (which I'd only wear if I were to actually go outside near or in foresty nature) with a not as intense sweet Resin note. People who say this smells like death must be city folk.
For me honestly it reminds me of an art teacher I had in 8th grade. She couldn't have had this, but maybe something similar. Could easily see an older woman wearing this. I noticed recently quite a bit reviews on YouTube about Lalique's creations and decided to give it a try. I don't see anything dramatic or black as ink in it besides black square bottle. I love vetiver and for me it opens up with interesting smoky after notes with hints of osmanthus that is not even listed in the pyramid.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
A few reviewers have described this as smelling like depression which, while I respect their opinion (it made me buy it! Thanks!!), is not a place I quite get to. To me it smells like a man who has embraced a certain sadness, but still moves forward with a sense of survival and optimism. The woods that come from the skin for 8+ hours suggest a contemplative depth. I see this as a scent associated with books and learning. I see a man lost in thought, walking in the woods then back to a warm den to solve a life problem with help from long-dead philosophers. This scent suggests a connection with the past that is able to live in modern times and keep up with the news.

Please be aware that not all brands have testers available. If I had to single out one thing that sticks out the most from this perfume, that would be the liquid aging process rarely seen in perfumery these days. My one and a half year bottle is already 20% stronger. If you are just starting out with this line, then you have my green light to start with this extreme version to see would this dark scent suit your taste. Lalique Encre Noire A L’Extreme is a scent that pretends to be a stronger and denser version than its originator, yet ends up being the more wearable one. I have received a solid zero compliments with this one and in case you buy it, you should probably expect the same.
I bought A L'Extreme first then Sport, and the original is the last one I picked up. I was thinking it was too "Niche" and limited and the other two sounded more versatile. I shouldn't have worried about versatility, Encre Noire is perfectly wearable.
My son wears this scent all the time and he smells SO GOOD! I asked him about it the other day and I actually tried it on myself but for whatever reason it doesn't smell very good on me.

Encre Noire Lalique Travel Spray for men slips easily into your pocket and is the ideal way to revive your fragrance throughout the day or while traveling. Not really, it’s more of a salty vetiver with honey sweetness. The vetiver that is the heart of L’Extrême is rich and salty with facets of dry grass and earth. What I find particularly beautiful about L’Extrême is the way that it weaves a soft, suede-like iris note in between the sharp tendrils of the vetiver. Woody, Vetyver.A hymn to vetyver, a praise to modernity for a perfume with character, signed in black ink. We will only use your details to keep you informed about The Perfume Society.
It’s how an abandoned bonfire smells like. Wood of coniferous trees has that peppery smell of a burned resin when it cools down-that’s what you’ll be spraying yourself with. The first spray was a bit too smoky and reminded me a bit of an ashtray.

It is a long-lasting perfume with moderate projection. For those of us with more than one bottle of perfumer the change of the seasons signals a change in the perfumes we look forward to wearing. I thought I’d share my five favorite vetivers as I dust them off and move them to the front of the shelf for the summer. I like the grapefruit opening and how the aquatic notes complement the vetiver and woods.
Dark and lifeless, reminds of a white floral at times, suprisingly people love to smell this especially during winter, goes great with a full black outfit. Not my note, but it's a good quality one, tart, woody, realistic.

Longevity, projection, and sillage are all middle of the road, not beast mode and not terrible. That means you don't have to worry about choking out the room. It's probably best for a guy 35 and older who likes the outdoorsy vibe rather than a sweet fragrance designed specifically for pleasing female noses. I'm wearing Encre Noire as I write this review.
Love the scent, reminds me of Adolfo Domínguez Vetiver Hombre but even more well-rounded; if you like vetiver then I'd say it's a safe blind buy in that sense. The problem is that I blind bought it from Notino and I think I got a bad batch because it becomes a skin scent just a couple of minutes after applying it. And to top it off, they are deleting reviews that complain about the same issue, never buying from that site ever again.
There's nothing like it (or if there is, please let me know!). Blind bought this one and really like it. Love the bottle and of course the smell. Love vetiver and the woody dark & dusty about it.

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