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It gives out a soft – moderate sillage and a moderate longevity. D&G The One is a must count to your grooming line and nonetheless to say it’s one of the best cologne for men. The Mugler Cologne is a cocktail of fresh intoxicating and energizing citrus notes and inspired by the traditional Eau De Cologne which is pure, simple, clean and fresh. The Cologne is designed with two sensations, Invigorating/energizing and Sensual/Sweet. The Mugler cologne makes a statement of the bold, fresh and enthralling persona of men with a subtle invigorating and sensual notes. The signature bottle is green in color with sleek curved lines and futuristic seal.
It is ideal for wearing this perfume on date nights or an intimate gathering that is close to your heart. This cologne gives you an edge for a romantic date with your loved one.

This fragrance comes from the design house of Donna Karan and was officially launched in 2004 to the general public. It is a perfume that’s a young, upbeat scent that’s resplendent with fresh and green top notes and subtle woodsy base notes.
One of our other favored scents among couples is our Hearts of Love air freshener. You'll love how this sultry air freshener infuses your space with its heart-warming blend of spiced citrus, enticing seaside musk, lush tropical greens, sensual sandalwood.

This fragrance oil contains notes of buttermilk, burnt sugar, caramel, and sweet creamy vanilla. A light floral blended with jasmine, lilac, lavender and sweet rose make up the base for this fabulous tanning lotion. The top notes are fresh floral ylang ylang, rose petals and French jasmine; the middle notes are vetiver and sandalwood with rich fragrant woodsy bottom notes. Luscious bakery tones are perfectly balanced with ripe berry in this classic fragrance delight. Rich creamed butter, fresh ground cinnamon and wild blueberries are blended into a sweet cake batter for the fragrance signature. A base of vanilla bean completes the bakery sensation. Our version of Black Raspberry Vanilla is multi-layered with decadent fruity notes to create a sublime scent.
Intended for charming, charismatic, and magnetic men, Seductive Homme Blue by Guess consists of aromatic, woody, visit here and Fougere scents. It’s a fairly new release from the brand, but it’s already driving the women crazy.

It kind of just smells like a textbook conventionally-hot-girl perfume. I actually think this would be especially good if they marketed it as a fragrance for everyone.
It’s also a scent with a moderate amount of longevity but has a light sillage. However, it should be noted that just because its sillage is light, doesn’t mean that its complex array of notes is light or airy at all. Over the past few years, design houses have begun introducing dark scents that can only be described as mysterious and modern. Created by Tom Ford, this scent is a masterful combination of scents which can only be described as powerful and long-lasting. At its base, this perfume has woodsy scents reminiscent of patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver with just a tinge of vanilla and Mexican chocolate. Bright Crystal Absolu is a more intense version of Bright Crystal by Versace.
This helps bring a bit of balance and prevent a perfume from having a fragrance that is just too sweet. Creed Spring Flower by Creed for Women Millesime Spray, 2.5 Ounce– Boutique fragrance design house, Creed is known for making amazing scents. Spring Flower may be the best of the best for women’s perfumes by Creed. It is a lovely floral blend with just enough fruity notes to make it pop. Shalimar is Guerlain's tribute to the legendary love story of Shah Jahan and his beautiful wife. The perfume takes off on lighter, fresh notes of bergamot and lemon and weaves into deeper base notes of incense and a light sprinkling of vanilla. The scent is reminiscent of a warm summer's day with a classic, exotic finish of incense to give you that sexy, and daring feel.

It is a clean but enticing scent that draws you in before making way for deeper florals in gardenia, white flowers, and a further blast of citrus in warm orange blossom. Dolce & Gabbana The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Women.
And finally, at its base, are the earthy notes of patchouli and musk. All of this comes together in a scent that has a clean, soapy and slightly floral profile. It’s not heavy at all and can be worn virtually all year round.

It’s all chemistry —and fragrance-makers have it down to a science. Bottom notes last the longest, but that’s only as long as the overall fragrance lasts. Therefore, when buying your next perfume, it’s important to consider the base notes first. After all, every woman is different and therefore, they are going to wear the scent different from another woman.
It’s top note of Calabrian bergamot immediately puts the wearer into a happy mood and floods the senses with sunlight. The acidic sweetness is mixed with spicy cardamom and brought down to earth by oak moss and white amber, two warm musky ingredients that help to soothe the bite of citrus. It’s a radiant combination that is ideal for a trip to the boardwalk or a backyard pool party. The best summer-appropriate fragrances will contain at least one of these ingredients. Lighter accords like citrus and herb (or “green” scents in some cases) will often be the top note, which means it’s the first thing you smell when you spritz.

Social scents are brighter and more attention-getting, but with a complexity of citrus and floral notes that arouses interest. Manly scents have wood and earth base notes, but with spice and floral top notes for better complexity.

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