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You can find low-cost flat options in all districts of Istanbul. In recent years, apartment complexes have been designed with many social and daily facilities, such as swimming pools, sauna, and cinema. A significant number of foreigners also prefer Istanbul for long-term living, thanks to its many positive aspects.
We’ve put together an essential guide on buying property in Spain for foreigners, including all the important info you need to know. While renting in Spain is definitely an option, many foreigners choose to buy property if they’re going to stay in the long term. Over 75% of people own their homes in Spain¹, and the large expat communities scattered throughout the country means that a high proportion of real estate is already foreign owned. July 28, 2022 $75M in refinancing secured for Long Beach multi-housing community JLL Capital Markets arranged the $75 million refinancing for The Landing at Long Beach, a 206-unit garden-style apartment community. July 28, 2022 JLL’s Valuation Advisory group expands multi-housing practice with addition of Nik Bex Nik Bex joins JLL’s Valuation Advisory group to lead and grow the group’s Chicago and greater Midwest multi-housing practice.

This uber-trendy city in Catalonia is bursting with culture, food and nightlife, but living in the heart of the action comes with a price - as it’s one of the most expensive places in Spain to buy property. Some property experts predict that house price values in Spain could fall by 5-10% as the full impact of Covid-19 on the economy is revealed. This could mean it’s a good time to find a cheaper home to buy, but any economic instability also means a degree of risk for foreign investors. If you’re thinking of joining the many British expats enjoying life in Spain, read on.
If you want to buy a home in a metropolis or are looking to profit, Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir should be your top choices. If you want sun, sand and the sea most of the year, Fethiye or Alanya could make you very happy. Property Selling Guide – Especially for those who want to own an investment property, the location of the property can often be more important than the house itself. It is a good idea to list the proximity to public transport, the quality of educational institutions in the area, and other opportunities to attract a buyer. A potential buyer who will contact you through your listing on the real estate site would like to understand that you are someone he/she can trust while reviewing your listing.
After carrying out necessary searches and checks for the above-mentioned requirements, the transfer of the title is done by the Land Registry Office. If you are applying from outside Turkey, note that a work permit is equivalent to a residence card, so you will need to pay an entry visa fee, work permit certificate fee and residence fee respectively. You will need to register your residential address within 20 business days following your arrival in Turkey with the Directorate of Populations Registry and/or Migration Directorate (Göç İdaresi). A self catering holiday villa, apartment or cottage usually offers more space and better facilities than the average package holiday accommodation. Raul Castro has said home ownership will be limited to one per individual to avoid accumulation of wealth. The government has announced plans to extend credit for purchasing building materials, but specifics are still unknown and no mechanism is in place for home loans.

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Read our latest volume of The Edge, Cushman & Wakefield’s global thought leadership magazine covering the influential trends and ideas impacting the commercial real estate industry and more. What we love about Turkey, despite some of the challenges, is that it’s a huge domestic market, it has a good reproduction rate, and a young population. In other words, no buyer will want a property with outstanding property tax debt. So, the owner of an apartment in central Istanbul that’s worth 1,500,000TL will pay 3,000TL per year in total. The first installment must be paid in May and the second one in November. This tax is charged with every water bill, so your tenants should cover it.

Turkey's corporate debt exceeds 70 percent of the country's gross domestic product. This debt is primarily denominated in US dollars, not Turkish lira. Due to the falling value of the lira, the quantity of lira required to repay their loan is rising. Since the minimum investment was reduced, the Turkish citizenship program has grown popular. It is currently competing with other regional citizenship and Golden Visa schemes, such as Portugal and Malta. GfK's weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods.
Ukraine's embassy in Beirut tweeted Monday that the corn's final buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the cargo due to delivery delay beyond a contractual limit and that the shipper was now looking for another buyer. Four ships that left Ukraine on Sunday are expected to anchor near Istanbul on Monday evening, Turkey's Defense Ministry said. Hundreds of evacuees have left Ukraine’s Donetsk region days after the Ukrainian government issued an order to evacuate, though some refuse. U.S. senators delivered overwhelming bipartisan approval to NATO membership for Finland and Sweden. Meanwhile, Moscow again accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station from Marganets on the opposite bank of the Dnieper River on Sunday.
The estate agent fees are likely to be around 3% of the price of the property³, and are usually paid by the seller. Buy a home in the cosmopolitan Spanish capital and you can expect a vibrant, busy atmosphere, along with elegant architecture, fabulous food, a great public transport system and an international expat community. Traditionally, Brits have been the largest single group of expats investing in Spanish property, and this has continued even in the wake of Brexit-related changes. In fact, around 13% of foreign-owned homes in Spain were in British hands in 2020². Spain is an extremely popular destination for expats looking for a pleasant climate, high standard of living and of course, delicious food.

Naturally, prime locations of Istanbul are expensive, therefore we suggest investors should have a good look at Antalya property market as a viable and exceptional alternative to prime location real estate of Istanbul. Absolutely amazing experience so far dealing with PT Fethiye branch, especially Yunus and Faruk. They took me around to view several properties, they took me to the site the next day for a second viewing. Helped negotiated a price with property management team, recommend a solicitor, which I chose in the end. Faruk helped me open a Turkish bank account, go to the solicitor, go to the notery, all happened very quickly as I only had one day left in Fethiye, and it would have been impossible without their help. I was extremely worried about transferring such large amounts of money to a country where I didn't know the language, the laws, or anyone to help me.
They get you in on a ‘great deal,’ which isn’t a great deal at all. Expert translators are different from sworn translators at a notary. Only a few expert translators exist in the market, which makes them expensive. However, they are only needed if the foreign buyer wishes to attend the Land Registry himself and not via an attorney who has Power of Attorney. This is one of the peculiarities of Turkish real estate, so make sure you never buy a place without visiting it first. Lower priced and older properties carry lower VAT charges than newer and more expensive properties.

Alternatively, traditional houses or village properties make good long-term investment projects. Before buying a property in the Turkish market, take into account the type of location you want and whether you’ll renovate it or add value to it. Only one network of agents represents the longest standing tastemaker in the world.

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